Free islandwide delivery for orders above $60
Free islandwide delivery for orders above $60



  1. Customer should complete payment upon checking out the online cart to confirm their seat in the workshop. Customer should receive an acknowledgement from the payment platform immediately. This will serve as confirmation of the reservation. If in doubt, kindly email us at for verification.
  2. The studio accepts payment through online platforms as indicated on the website, such as credit card, bank transfer, PayLah and PayNow to the number as listed on the invoice. It is mandatory for participants to contact us via email with the screenshot of the said completed transaction. Sign-ups without payment , and sign-ups without notice of payment of bank transfer will be rendered null and void, and JOMO Studio reserves the right to release the booking the next day.
  3. At any given time after the sign-up is confirmed and before the workshop commences, should the participant for any reason become unable to turn up or stay the full duration of any workshop, the participant cannot be granted a refund in full or in part, in monies or in kind.
  4. For all live online workshops, such as via Zoom, the materials will be shipped the participant also cannot be assigned a different date or time for any workshop.
  5. For online workshops, all materials and a zoom link will be delivered to your door step 3 days before the zoom class.
  6. Video taking/ video recording by any participant of any part or all of step-by-step instructions, course content or original course material during or after any workshop is strictly not allowed. In the case of violation of this rule, the participant unreservedly without contest agrees to be held liable for intellectual property rights violation and without reservation make full compensation as required by JOMO Studio.
  7. All content and original materials for all sessions, workshops, talks and events are property of JOMO Studio, and no part of it may be copied, modified, reproduced, given away or distributed in any media or form, for profit in kind or monies, or for free.
  8. For corporate / event workshops, an email reminder with details on the studio address and directions will be sent 3 to 5 days prior to the workshop.
  9. In the event of low attendance, the studio reserve all rights to cancel/reschedule the session. Participants will receive an email notice 3 to 5 days prior and be given the choice to attend the next upcoming class.
  10. No cancellation or refund if you did not turn up for classes. Rescheduling is only allowed 5 working days prior to your workshop date.
  11. Photography and videos will be taken during workshop and shared with the participants as memories of their experience. These may also be used for our training and marketing purposes. Participants with any concern should inform the studio prior to class.
  12. Participant agrees to follow all safety precautions and instructions provided to prevent any injury to themselves and other participants, as well as damage to the studio.
  13. Unless otherwise stated, payment is 100% upon confirmation.
  14. Any fee incurred by payment method (eg. Telegraphic transfer), shall be borne by the Client unless otherwise stated.
  15. JOMO Studio reserves all rights to make changes or update these terms and conditions whenever necessary. In case of any dispute, we reserve all rights to make the final decision.